Ocean Gray Glass 4x8 inch Subway Tile (8mm)

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Brilliant Glass Tiles give a luminescent quality to any bathroom or kitchen home improvement project. These tiles are great for bathroom walls and kitchen backslashes. Glass subway tiles add a personal touch to any kitchen. Reflective by nature glass tiles make any area seem more spacious and brighter. Our Subway tiles are not just versatile they are used in all types of construction due to their resilience. Glass Tiles are non-porous and impermeable meaning they can resist any type of water and will never stain or fade. Water proof by nature glass tiles have been used in bathrooms and kitchens for centuries.

Ordering online through The Builder Depot allows our customers to save with our propriety and innovative operational solutions. With our unique business model it is quite common for our customers to suffer from 'reverse sticker-shock' brought on by the huge savings we offer.

PRICE IS PER SQUARE FOOT Tile Size: 4" x 8" Tile Thickness: 5/16" (8mm) Finish Shown: Gloss

Ships within 24-48 Hours of receiving payment Tracking number and details sent via email (so please leave a good email contact - one you access regularly) Shipments larger than 50SF will most likely ship LTL Freight which is a palletized shipment A phone call will be made prior to delivery by the freight company to set up an appointment (so please leave a good contact number) Please visit our FAQ's at the bottom of our website for more information

Delivery Time: Southeast 1-2 Days Northeast 2-3 Days Midwest 2-3 Days Southwest 3 Days Northwest 4-5 Days Southwest 4-5 Days

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Please Note: Many competitors simply paint the back of their tiles and let air dry. Doing this can lead to imperfections and defects throughout the glass tile.

The Builder Depot range of Brilliant Glass uses premium technology to first color the tile then Kiln firing it. This process sets us apart from the competition and makes our products unique and our quality unmatched. Even through our incredible price point may suggest otherwise.

(SAMPLE PIECE) Ocean Gray Glass 4x8 inch Subway Tile
(SAMPLE PIECE) Ocean Gray Glass 4x8 inch Subway Tile

Sample Price: $5.00