How do we sell with prices so low?

Because we have fixed a broken supply chain. For example. Carrara Marble: Price should be based on a few factors, Supply and Demand being a significant factor. You can see the mountain of Carrara from space. So clearly supply is not the issue. The issue is the ancient supply chain. The product is Ancient and Timeless, but the method in which it reaches you does not have to be.

There is a huge amount of waste with multiple step distribution chains. When you buy Carrara you can contribute to this inefficiency and waste by paying more or you can buy from The Builder Depot where we have removed these other links. This saving can be added to the value of your home.

We have put the power back in the hands of the consumer. Now you have control over the cost. You chose your cost and where to buy. Happy saving and adding value to your home!

Are all your products first quality?

All products sold by The Builder Depot are first quality. Order a sample and compare it against any high end tile store and you will find the quality identical if not better and at a cost that is significantly less. But don’t just take our word for it look at our positive independent reviews from eBay, Reseller Ratings, Yahoo,, and Amazon. The Builder Depot works hard to keep customers happy we are transparent and upfront in everything we do. The Builder Depot is ranked A+ on the BBB. We come to work knowing we are taking money from a broken supply chain and giving it back to the American people. It is a good feeling. Need more on the business and our strategy as an potential customer, employee or investor click here to really get into the detail from our about us page on our blog.

What We Do

  • Pictures of the Product

    Pictures offer additional security. It also ensures that the product is shipping direct from the company you are speaking to. If a retailer cannot provide you pictures, then how can you know where it is coming from or what you are getting?

  • Product Sourcing

    This is the key. Buy direct from the quarry. Own machines. Own the brand. We have our own trademarked exclusive brands of marble. This ensures that the quality is consistently high and prices are the lowest possible.

  • Product Sampling

    We believe this is vital to the decision-making process. Please order a sample. Order before 12pm EST and we will ship it out the same day and email you the tracking, so you know when the sample arrives.

  • Shipping

    We ship nationwide to everyone. Safety of the customer and product is important, so we ship with UPS, a reputable company. They call prior to delivery to make a window for your freight shipment.

  • Our Service

    We are open from 9 am to 4 pm EST M-F. There is little information on the different grades of marble. How do you get a whiter base? Honed or Polished Finish? We are here to help with those questions. We are the experts.

Read Customer Testimonials from Amazon, eBay & Yahoo


    Ben from customer Service helped me decide which marble would best suit my project by taking a pictures of the marble that would be shipped to me when I ordered. That way I could make an informed decision. When the tiles arrived they were exactly what I was expecting. It took out all the risk of ordering.

    By Google Shopping User
    February 28, 2017


    Mosaic marble was top quality, flawless and expertly packed. Amazing.Thanks! By eBay Shopping User 2014. Highly recommended - item as described, carefully packed, promptly shipped, A+! Great Price!! Nice Product!!. Beautiful tiles AA++. Great seller, as advertised.

    By eBay Shopping User


    The Builder Depot delivered an incredible product at an impossible price. Incredible deal and amazing selection of products! I will purchase all my marble tile from them in the future. If only all online shopping could be this good I would safe a fortune, with equality impressive customer service.

    By Yahoo! Shopping User
    Sep 17, 2013

  • "AMAZED"

    I am so happy with TheBuilersDepot. Our product arrived timely and is stunning. Our tile installer said he's never seen such a quality product for the price we paid, it was hard for him to believe the price we paid… Our new master bathroom is beautiful thanks to TheBuildersDepot.

    By Jenny-30359
    October 30, 2015


    Outstanding... beyond expectations - BOTH customer service and quality of materials... There were of course many places willing to sell beautiful marble for over $40 per square foot... There were never any sales tactics - they don't have to with material and prices like this, the product sells itself.

    By Licadrat
    April 2014