Cement Tiles
Have Questions about Encaustic Handmade Cement Tiles?
Are these real Encaustic Handmade Cement Tiles?
YES! In fact designers come into our warehouse and actually thought because of our price they were the cheap Ceramic copies. No these are the real McCoy. They really are Handmade Encaustic Cement Tiles. They are from the exact same factory as some of the more well known Cement Tile Retailers. They are identical. Order a sample and compare. By paying more you are (to try and put this in context) you are going to a Gas station and paying 40% more than the gas station on the other side of the street or down the road. We love charity. We continually support our community but giving money away to pay for someone else's inefficient supply chain. Nope! Can't do that.
How are these prices so low?
A great question and one that we cannot answer in just one sentence. This is our business model remove all the costs and provide the product with a no frills marketing strategy. Our business model is not for everyone. Many people love the high end retailers, the design fees and high prices. We do not. We have also found a lot of customers do not wish to pay for expensive showrooms, expensive print brochures and other high cost marketing items. Everything that is used to promote the product costs. Period. That cost is added to the product. Period. You pay that cost when you buy the product. This generation recognizes that the high end retailer does not have a factory in the janitors closet, it is made in the same way everyone else makes it. But the price charged is reflected by the businesses costs fixed and variable. Remove all that cost and you have affordable products. How all our prices are so low is answered in more detail on our FAQ's to read click here we have put together a video to try and better explain the existing structure and how a new shipping process can save money.
Are you really the only company in the Cement Tile Industry to Accept returns?
Sadly yes! It really is sad. The reason? All the competition in this industry are shipping through 3rd parties. Look at their Instagram pages, do you see a warehouse? Anyone working, looking at your order before it ships, double checking? Nope. I am afraid it will be bar code scanned and packed as fast as possible by a person a 3rd party can hire for the lowest price. Not an employee of their company. Do they care? Why should they you have agreed to their terms that you cannot return the product. So if they send you a product you do not need for some reason (things change, life happens). Erm.... too bad! They have no actual business just a website. No bricks and mortar. They could be here, close the 3rd party operation and gone tomorrow. Leaving you with the product that is broken or has issues down the road. We want the world of online sales safe. We want companies to be responsible. We want companies backed by the BBB with A+ ratings. We want companies to be completely transparent offering the Google Review System so they are backed by a multi-billion dollar review system. A Google Trusted Store. Which is free!!!!! Why are they not on it? Because they do not want negative reviews about not being able to return.
Are these prices square foot or per tile?
On every product page just below the price is UOM (Unit of Measure) how the product is ordered by the square foot or sheet. Please remember to add 10-15% for design cuts and waste.
What is the biggest mistakes made with Cement Tiles when installing?
Not sealing it. During the installation process, Cement Tile requires a few steps are followed to ensure it does not get stained from the materials used to install it. Sealing it will make sure it will look as great as possible. Sealing is part of this process. Read the installation guide. Assume your installer has not. Or at the very least question him about which sealer he plans to use. Be very concerned if he has no plans to use any. This maybe his first every installation of Cement Tile. You do not want to be the test subject, you are not paying for his training. Unless you are.
Is this First Quality?
All our products are. We have no financial limitations to any market we wish to enter all we look at is the market. If we identify a sector where a product is being sold for 100-200% markup then we are going to enter that market, find the factory it is coming from and buy it direct in huge volume. Not on terms either. We pay cash up front so the manufacturer can provide the lowest price. This means even lower prices to the consumer as we pass along all the savings. Call us crazy. I think not. I hate overpaying (always have).
What is the shipping cost?
There is none. This is a FREE SHIPPING ITEM. However this product does have a minimum order as they must ship freight (but that minimum does not have to just be Cement Tiles it can be any product on our site to achieve it, we are trying to achieve a weight for safe shipping on a pallet). They are heavy tiles and cannot easily ship UPS ground. Freight shipments are all curbside delivery more details on this are answered on our FAQ
Is there an Installation Guide?
Yes. Absolutely on our blog here: Installation Guide Click Here
What about an Installation Video?
Yes. Even one of those as well. Scroll to the bottom of the product page: Installation Video Click Here
Please Note: Our competitors ship from 3rd Party warehouses. So they can be here today and gone tomorrow. You can review their Instagram Feeds, Blogs there are no pictures of a warehouse or packing. It is because they do not. Most do not actually put a physical address just a zip code (come on really!). This issue is reflected in their return policy. If you use a 3rd party especially with multiple locations you cannot accept returns. All sales are final will be the comments in their return policy. We have a 30 day return policy and no restocking fees (ever!).

Read the Competitors fine print. Assuming you can find it. If they do not have an actual address clear on their "Contact us Page" or do not even have a "Contact us Page" this is a Red Flag. It means they can collapse their operation at anytime. Hide under the Veil of an LLC and leave you with boxes of broken tile. Having been in the Tile Industry for over two decades this is probably one of the most "Pop-Up" industries I have ever seen. No one has reviews on their websites. No one is acting with any accountability in mind. All the websites can look perfect today because of templates. Not because they actually created it. It is selling out of the trunk of the car on a whole new level. 2020 Style.

Tip: As the market struggles to compete with companies like ours that have been online longer and have a more advanced logistics operation. Free Shipping. Ship out in 1-2 Business Days. They will play tricks with pricing. Pricing will be by the tile. You have to calculate the total cost delivered to you, in most cases we offer the best value as for us it is not our only product. We do not need to sell Cement Tile to survive it does not have to represent all our margin. All eggs in one basket is not an easy business model, simple but not easy.