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Do more with less. One price for all. Empower people within your team making the success of others your priority. Commit to the success of others, not yourself.
- The Builder Depot

Our Advisors

Every successful business is nurtured by great community of likeminded individuals. When we started this business, we wanted the support of a group of high profile advisors with over a century in business experience in the areas essential to our success. We are fortunate to work with a group of advisors that are prepared to ask the tough questions and support us with our shared vision.

Meet Gregg Richy

Gregg Richy

Previously the Senior Vice President of Windstream and now accomplished Entrepreneur as top operations and sales executive experience in telecommunications, business development, marketing, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions and technical sales skills Gregg brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

Meet Matthew Gollop

Matt Gollop

An experienced talented professional industry leader and CEO who has been in Hong Kong since 2001. Matthew provides insights on recruitment and retention strategy plus is well connected in Asia with a strong understanding of the product sourcing and International markets.

Meet Alan Shearn

Alan Shearn

Forty years experience at Senior Management Level in Supply Chain Logistics and Warehouse Operations with Multi-Billion European Food Manufacturers. Directing 12 Distribution Centers covering over a million square feet delivering 100m units per year. In recent years used this experience as a consultant, working with clients to reduce cost and improve service.