Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy from Us?

The world of buying online is changing very quickly. And unlike buying a table or chair, marble changes from lot to lot. So when you’re buying online, you need to check a couple of things before diving in (in our humble opinion).

Google Reviews

Marble websites will show up in Google. So will many other companies. These companies value Google as a resource and medium to advertise . They should be A Google Reviewed Store... right?

They advertise with Google, put their products on there, so it would seem logical to be a Google Reviewed Store and go through the process of having Google "Check you out". Point is. Buy from Google Reviewed Stores. Google has already done the homework on the company. Google reviews are the most accurate online review program. It is also the only free review program. In fact it makes no sense for companies not to use it. For Google it has to be the best. Google has their $1.7 Trillion+ reputation based on it. They know who the good guys are. You can also use Google as an asset. Look at the "Contact us page" then look up the companies address. If it shows someones House then they may not be around in a year when you need some additional tile. Google pretty much is the internet their reviews count all other companies offer you the ability to delete so many reviews a year. Google does not. It does not even allow you to respond.

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Direct Access

You need a company that can take pictures before your order ships or at least has that ability. You need to know that the person you are speaking with on the phone is the person looking at the marble "lot" that will be shipping.

Otherwise how do you know what "lot" you are getting. The retailer does not stock it, so he has no idea. However at The Builder Depot we warehouse our product, no third party. Again this is irrelevant in buying shoes. But with marble it is a must. How can you do a quick background check? Look at their Instagram account. See lots of pictures of marble in pallets and boxes open. Then room scenes (and I do not mean room scenes they take from places like Houzz.com). A successful online company should have bloggers that have independently tried and tested the product, the majority without letting the company know, to give their readers a real story. The blog should be a link at the footer, it should be up-to-date and have more information that you can read, real info from real people that work there everyday. It should have an easy to see link to "Room Scenes." If a blog was last updated eight months ago.... you have a problem. It means no one cares. There is no passion behind the business. That will translate into the shipment you receive. You need a company that demonstrates that it cares as much about the product as you do. Not some generic site without any feelings.

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Shop Around

It really is that simple. If they are not Google Reviewed, why? If they cannot send pictures then they have no access to the material and that means you have no idea what lot or look or veining you are getting and neither do they!

We are not saying you need to buy from www.thebuilderdepot.com. We are not trying to sell anyone anything. Simply provide images, samples and prices. Then the decision to buy is up to the retailer, builder, contractor, designer, consumer and so on. We are not salesmen. We simply provide the facts. If we are not a good fit we will try and recommend somewhere that is. We treat people as we would treat our family. If we can find a better option elsewhere then that is where we will send you at the very least point one out to you. For many customers this concept is met with shock and disbelief. But it is really simple. We are acting like your neighbor or family. If there is a better option then we need to improve our business or not be in this business. We have absolute confidence in what we offer is the best or we do not offer it. As a member of the Marble Institute of America and an advocate of up-front honest transparent reviews via Google's Store Review program we hope this page is informative and helpful.

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