The Builder Depot has partnered with various freight companies to ship your product safely and securely. We have a 98.8% damage free delivery rate with our shippers over the last 5 years. Our products ship inside a wooden crate or on a pallet. To protect it. Shipments over 250SF ship inside a wooden crate and have never been damaged.

If the shipment is damaged it will be very obvious - in most cases the shipping company will actually call and say they have damaged it. In these cases we just re-ship a new order (all at our cost). The damaged shipment would never be delivered to you and return to us. A new shipment is packed and resent out to you.

However should the shipment show up and damage is obvious please follow these easy steps (or call 800-308-9359):

#1. Accept the shipment #2. Note of the POD (Proof of Delivery) paperwork "DAMAGED, SUBJECT TO INSPECTION" #3. Provide The Builder Depot with the following Documentation: a) A copy of the POD particularly with the "Damaged part showing" on the paperwork. b) Pictures of the damaged tiles. c) Number of Damaged tiles. #4. Email with this information.

Shipping Policy Please read our shipping policy before shipping. Up to 5% of damage is considered acceptable. While this is unlikely some small amount of damage can occur. We keep it up to 5% to keep costs low as a small chipped tile can be cut and used as an end piece. Please read this in detail on the shipping policy link.

Please take your time. Open boxes while the driver is there. You have paid for a service at least check some of the boxes (it left our warehouse in perfect condition). Any damage note it on the shipping slip. If you do not note the damage we cannot file a claim on your behalf. You will have to file a claim with the shipper yourself.

The Builder Depot FeedBack: One of the best indications about a company's service is the feedback ratings they acquire. Unlike any other online company The Builder Depot operates on various online marketplaces as of May 2012:

The Builder Depot Ebay Store operates with a 100% positive feedback rating over the last 12 months. The Builder Depot website operates with 96% positive lifetime feedback rating.

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