Athens Silver Cream 6 x 12 Honed Marble Floor and Wall Tile

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Consider using The Builder Depot 6x12" Silver Cream Marble Floor and Wall Tile for your next project. This incredible looking tile has exploded in popularity and used throughout many premium 5 Star Hotels in the USA. An example of this is the use of White Oak marble used in the bathrooms and Foyer of the new Four Seasons Hotel in Orlando.

Prices from The Builder Depot allows almost anyone to recreate a five star bathroom with this attractive rectangular tile. White Oak tile features a random variation of light gray shades with linear streaks that creates a stylish complement for a wide variety of design options. This natural marble tile is smooth with a medium gloss finish almost satin in feel and appearance. White oak marble has an impervious water absorption rating. A collection of various sizes and accessories to choose from, White Oak Tile can be installed in a pattern or individually to project your signature look.

Please note: Inspect all tiles before installation • Natural stone products inherently lack uniformity and are subject to variation in color, shade, finish, etc. • It is recommended to blend tiles from different boxes when installing • Natural stones may be characterized by dry seams and pits that are often filled • The filling can work its way out and it may be necessary to refill these voids as part of a normal maintenance procedure • All natural stone products should be sealed with a penetrating sealer • Lay out material prior to installation to properly blend and balance color • It is recommended to seal natural stone with a penetrating sealer • We recommend purchasing a minimum of 10-15% overage to account for design cuts, patterns and defective tiles/waste

Sold by the Square Foot • 5 pieces per case • Case weight is 60 lb. • Grade 1, first-quality natural marble tile for floor, wall and countertop use 6 in. width x 24 in. length x 3/8 in. thick • Honed smooth finish with a medium sheen and random variation in tone • P.E.I. Rating is not applicable for natural stone • Impervious flooring has water absorption of less than 0.5% • C.O.F. greater than 0.50 is recommended for standard residential and commercial applications and is marginally skid resistant • Not frost resistant • Residential and commercial use.

100SF minimum order requirement on this item The 100SF can be made up of a combination of products (for example 75SF of White Oak 6x12" and 25SF of Carrara Basketweave or 50SF of White Oak 6x12" and 25 Pieces of Baseboard and 25 Square Feet of White Oak Basketweave)This product has to ship freight due to 12x24" being large pieces of marble. The min order is requested so weight ensures it ships safely. Weight holds the pallet in place

• Ships within 2-3 Business Days of receiving payment • Tracking number and details sent via email (so please provide a good email contact - one you access regularly, and will send tracking confirmations to spam folders so if you use one of those accounts please check your spam folder for confirmation once order and then follow up of tracking) • A phone call will be made prior to delivery by the freight company to set up an appointment (so please leave a good contact number) • Please visit our FAQ's at the bottom of our website for more information regarding the process of a “Curbside Delivery” and what to expect with our step-by-step guide on our blog.

*No minimum order on pick ups. If you pick up minimum orders do not apply. As you are taking care of the shipping yourself.

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(Sample Piece) White Oak Silver Cloud 6x12 Honed Marble
(Sample Piece) White Oak Silver Cloud 6x12 Honed Marble

Sample Price: $5.00