Early in the Fall of 2015 The Builder Depot, LLC invested in 4.5 acres of land in beautiful Alpharetta, GA. The new site will become our new Distribution center with 15 loading docks allowing us to hold more UPS drop trailers and improve our operational efficiency (okay..... that was all corporate waffle), the reality is we have run out of room and need more space :)

The really exciting part will be the front elevation of the building and the reception area that we will all just have to wait for. As I am sure what we have in our minds may not be what happens in reality. But it is good to have a goal. We do want an operation that our employees feel proud to walk into. That attracts the best talent in the Southeast. We are located in a perfect area, we are designed for families. Located near the best schools. This is a business that is built on a foundation of zero debt.

We are designed to work as businesses did decades ago. Providing stability through hard work a Career for life and one that pays well. However the caveat, the only thing that remains consistent throughout time. Hard work. Do more with less. Be efficient with your time. Then in return the business can support everyone, give back to customers, give back to employees and the community. Instead of Billions being lost in a very old wasteful supply chain.