The Builder Depot is not just another internet store. We are not just we own out warehouse and products. Owning stock allows us more control translating into better service this is especially important to Carrara marble. Many if not all our competitors are simply ‘brokers’ that sell the products from other distributors. They place a distributor or retailers products online then when you order it ships from a warehouse the internet retailer does not own. In many cases the internet retailer is not even in the USA. This is not okay for Carrara marble where care and attention is needed to ensure consistency in the product.

The Builder Depot owns its stock and warehouses. We ship products that we have selected and not from distributors. Owning our own inventory is important because:

1. Owning stock (and not shipping from distributors) ensures quality control 2. Samples match the product we ship 3. Variation between tiles is kept to a minimum 4. No third party costs passed along the supply chain

We control the process not someone else, furthermore there are two specific Carrara brands that are popular ‘Carrara Venato’ and ‘Carrara Bianco’ we are the only authorized quarry direct supplier of these products. If you have any issue or questions please feel free to contact us directly:

The Builder Depot | 5910 Shiloh Road East | Alpharetta, GA 30005 | Phone: 800-308-9359

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