The Builder Depot operates as a business with the lowest possible cost structure. These savings are passed onto our customer in reduced product cost and increased product quality. While many ecommerce companies and retailers tell you they operate with minimal cost they simply sell inferior products, we know because we regularly buy samples from the competition.

Our quality of product (so we are told) exceeds that many premium specialty tile and stone retailers. You do not need to take our word for it either our customers provide reviews on Amazon. We have chosen Amazon as a partner for reviews because it is truly independent. While we have been operating as a business longer our reviews on Amazon date back to February 2010 and all reviews are excellent. As a rule we try and exceed our customer’s expectations on quality. We understand how there is room for skepticism – we know we are selling a $50 square foot premium Italian marble mosaic for $11 Square foot – this is our business strategy. No frills marketing, letting the premium quality and price of the product market itself.

We promise to stay focused on the quality of the product that is one benchmark we will not move, the price on the other hand is not completely in our control – we will always remain at the lowest possible price but energy costs and freight are an unknown variable. Our Carrara marble truly is a ‘Timeless Classic but a limited Time Offer’

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