Antique White 3 x 6" Handcrafted Glazed Premium Tile

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With Antique White Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tile, it's easy to add a touch of sophistication to your styling decor. This premium porcelain tile features undulated smooth surface in a trendy subway style. Elegant white shades of this glossy ceramic create a distinct pattern for use in a bathroom or as a kitchen backsplash.

Ordered by the square foot (8 pieces to a square foot) Ceramic Tile for Wall Tile use 3 in. width x 6 in. length x 5/16 in. thick Glossy finish with a high sheen and a slight variation in tone with undulated finish

85SF minimum order requirement on this item

The 85SF can be made up of a combination of products (for example 50SF of 3x6" and 35SF of Arabesque)
It is recommended to purchase a minimum overage of 10-15% to take account of cuts and patterns.

Ships within 1-2 Business Days of receiving your order Delivery Time: Southeast 1-2 Days Northeast 2-3 Days Midwest 2-3 Days Southwest 3 Days Northwest 4-5 Days Southwest 4-5 Days Once you place the order you will be instantly emailed a confirmation As soon as your order is shipped we will email your tracking number so please use an email address you check regularly

*Minimum order does not apply to local pickups

Click here for pictures of the Antique white collection laid out on our warehouse floor.

(SAMPLE 2 PCS) Antique White 3 x 6" Handcrafted Glazed Ceramic
(SAMPLE 2 PCS) Antique White 3 x 6" Handcrafted Glazed Ceramic

Sample Price: $5.00