Carrara Pietra Marble Honed 4x12" Subway Floor and Wall Tile

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Carrara Pietra is a new collection similar to our Carrara Venato but with more variation in the stone and more shading in essence not quite as white in overall in appearance as Venato. The quality of the stone is identical.

After years of selecting and cutting blocks for Venato consumer feedback has been tremendous for our Trademarked brand of Venato Carrara and this highly popular collection has only had a few questions is it possible to just get some more variation. So with our never ending love of white marble we decided 'what a great idea' we will create a cousin of the Venato collection and have decided on Carrara Pietra which the difference will simply be more variation in the stone.

We intend to offer this collection in a smaller number of products so we can create incredible (unbelievable) volume and in doing so reduce the price to the consumer. Factories are interested in a few things and productivity (running large runs of the exact same item) allows for more efficiencies and our strategy of cash up front to buy the product helps as well. Instead of just adding these savings into our business like most companies would, we have decided to pass 100% of the savings directly onto our customers. We recognize this will cause some confusion, but our goal is always the same, a set margin. Customers, people and service before profit.

• Carrara Pietra Marble Collection • Finish: Honed • Sold by the Square Foot • Thickness 3/8" (10mm) • First Quality • Product Sold by the Square Foot • Natural Stone Marble • Shipped in Boxes of 5SF (30Lbs per Box)

• 85SF minimum order requirement on this item

• The 85SF can be made up of a combination of products (for example 50SF of 6x12" and 35SF of Basketweave or 35SF of Glass the combination is irrelevant we are just looking for weight to make a secure pallet shipment)

• Inspect material prior to installation; installed material cannot be accepted for return or credit • Lay out material prior to installation to properly blend and balance color • It is recommended to seal natural stone with a penetrating sealer • We recommend purchasing a minimum of 10% overage to account for design cuts, patterns and defective tiles/waste • Considering Venato or Pietra Carrara please order samples first to see the products and then make a decision based on seeing and holding the product.

Orders ship out on an average of 1-2 Business Days of receiving payment • Tracking number and details sent via email (so please leave a good email contact - one you access regularly, note and all these emails accounts will send tracking to spam folders and you will not receive tracking unless you check) • Your order will ship out LTL Freight which is a palletized shipment it is safer than ground for larger shipments • All Freight shipments are 'Curbside Side Delivery" • A phone call will be made prior to delivery by the freight company to set up an appointment (so please leave a good contact number) • Please visit our FAQ's at the bottom of our website for more information regarding the delivery process

Estimated Delivery Time: Southeast 1-2 Days • Northeast 2-3 Days • Midwest 2-3 Days • Southwest 3 Days • Northwest 4-5 Days • Southwest 4-5 Days.

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*Minimum orders do not apply to local pickups.

(SAMPLE 2 PIECES) Carrara Pietra Marble Honed 4x12" Subway Floor and Wall Tile
(SAMPLE 2 PIECES) Carrara Pietra Marble Honed 4x12" Subway Floor and Wall Tile

Sample Price: $5.00