Corporate Responsibility

Following through with one of our major commitments to the community The Builder Depot joins The Forsyth Chamber of Commerce at the highest level. "The community we live in means everything to the people that work and live around us. As experts in Business Startups if we can help the community to help start more businesses we will. Once you have a 100% debt free successful business at a point it becomes more about helping others and the community in which we live. Simply put giving back". Commented David Shearn CEO of The Builder Depot.

"To continue this commitment in 2017 we will be starting a scholarship program with a local school details are yet to be finalized but if we can offer a financial incentive for Year 12 and raise the bar then we will. These young adults then quickly recognize the connection between hard work and financial reward." The scholarship will help them in higher Education. One Scholarship is offered to the Valedictorian and another Scholarship is a leadership based award.