As a business we have created a model that provides the lowest price for everyone. Traditionally to get premium products like Carrara Hexagon there were many steps in the supply chain. Quarry to Factory to Distributor to Wholesaler or Retailer then Contractor and finally you the customer. A consumer could not even buy from the distributor.

At every step in this process profit was added to the product and in 2000 this was perfectly normal. You would go into a boutique tile and stone store with sample boards beautifully set up and no prices seen anywhere.

The price point after traveling through this expensive supply chain was three or four times it is on our website.

Noticing this we decided to take a business model that has been running this way for decades and simply change it to: Direct from Quarry to our website. No tiered confusing price sheets for our customer service dept. Best foot forwards on price, prices online and upfront. Removing all this supply chain excess allows us to provide you the contractor, retailer, consumer and designer the best possible quality and price.

There are no clubs, no reward cards and no tiered prices online is what you pay. This reduces questions, which means less people which again means more savings for you! We operate on the lowest possible cost and pass this along with improved quality and savings.