Carrara Bianco Polished Basketweave Bardiglio Marble Border

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Carrara (Carrera) Bianco Bardiglio Italian marble 4x12" Basketweave mosaic border is part of an exclusive natural stone marble collection from The Builder Depot. Bianco Carrara is a matching collection of premium marble mosaics, field tiles and accessories. The Bianco Carrara (Carrera) Italian marble collection rivals that of brand name premium Carrara products offered by specialty tiles stores for a fraction of the cost while focusing on the elegance of both polished and honed marble finishes. The Carrara (Carrera) Bianco Italian marble collection places emphasis on quality, selection and price relying heavily on decades of natural stone experience and block selection from centuries old European quarries to create the perfect light gray based marble collection with elegant streaks and splashes of darker gray.

Premium Polished Italian Carrara Bianco Bardiglio 4x12" Basketweave Mosaic Border Thickness 3/8" (10mm) Carrara Bianco Marble Collection First Quality Factory Direct Inspect material prior to installation; installed material cannot be accepted for return or credit Lay out material prior to installation to properly blend and balance color It is recommended to seal natural stone with a penetrating sealer We recommend purchasing a minimum of 10% overage to account for design cuts, patterns and defective tiles/waste

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(SAMPLE 4x6") BORDER Bianco Polished Basketweave Bardiglio Marble
(SAMPLE 4x6") BORDER Bianco Polished Basketweave Bardiglio Marble

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