Black & White Checkered Polished 2 x 12" Marble Mosaic Border

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Carrara Venato marble polished Black & White mosaic border offers a stunning whiter appearance to that of the Carrara Bianco collection an appearance that resembles Statuario and features spectacular random streaks of grey. The Carrara Venato collection is a classic color of timeless beauty. Carrara Venato by Traditions in Stone is an exclusive marble collection for The Builder Depot. This Carrara collection adds an extremely elegant touch to any space residential or commercial with subtle beauty and smooth textures. The Carrara Venato collection of Subway Carrara Tiles, Hexagon, Herringbone, Octagon and Basketweave mosaics meticulously record the passage of time and play it back through a visual display of stunning color and texture.

Premium Black & White Marble Border Finish: Polished Thickness 3/8" (10mm)

(SAMPLE PIECE 2x4") Black & White Checkered Polished Marble Mosaic Border
(SAMPLE PIECE 2x4") Black & White Checkered Polished Marble Mosaic Border

Sample Price: $2.00