Bardiglio Gray 1x3" Herringbone Honed Marble Mosaic Tile

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Bardiglio is often call ‘Bardiglio Scuro’ with Scuro meaning ‘Dark’ in Italian. This Dark Grey marble is a perfect accent for our collection of Carrara Marble Tile. Consider cutting the tile the 1x3” herringbone mosaic to create a strip border to make any unique bathroom using this as the perfect accent piece. Or as a floor tile in its own right with the darker look adding contrast to one of our Carrara marble collections. Our collection of Bardiglio marble mosaics and tiles create almost endless design options.

This elegant Grey marble collection features shades of gray splashed across mosaic tiles. Install this tile to incorporate a distinctive, contemporary or traditional aesthetic enhancement into kitchens, bathrooms and a wide variety of commercial and residential projects.

• Italian Bardiglio Gray Marble Mosaic Tile (3/8" Thick) • 1x3" Herringbone Mosaic Tile • Suitable for Floors and Walls • Product is Honed and mounted on a 12x12” Mesh

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(SAMPLE 6x6" APPROX.) Bardiglio Gray 1x3" Herringbone Mosaic
(SAMPLE 6x6" APPROX.) Bardiglio Gray 1x3" Herringbone Mosaic

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