Dove Gray Arabesque Glazed Crackle Mosaic Lantern Tile

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Sold by the Square Foot. There is 1.10 Square Feet to a Sheet (Min order 44 Sq.Ft. which is 40 Sheets)

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With Dove Gray Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tile, it's easy to add a touch of sophistication to your styling decor. This premium Ceramic tile features arabesque patterned pieces of arranged on a 10.5 in. x 15.5 in. mesh sheet that makes installation a much easier process. These trendy individual Arabesque pieces are 4.5" (W) x 5.5" (L) featuring a gray shaded crackled look. This glossy Ceramic creates a distinct pattern for a kitchen backsplash and other residential spaces.

44 sf minimum order* requirement on this item. Due to the nature of the product it is required to ship on a pallet so the wooden pallet or crate can support the tile. The min order ensures the pallet cannot shift in transit. To understand more on the reason for this requirement we have a link at the bottom of this page.

The 40 sheet minimum can be made up of a combination of products (for example 34 sheets of Arabesque and 10 sheets of Hexagon the 44 sheet minimum does not have to be all Arabesque we are just looking to get weight to secure the shipment).

1.10 square foot per piece Piece weight equals 4 lb. Ceramic Tile 10.5 in. width x 15.5 in. length x 8 mm Thick mesh-mounted mosaic Arabesque shaped pieces Glossy finish with a high sheen and a slight variation in tone P.E.I. Rating II is suitable for light-duty residential floors, most areas of the home, except kitchens and entrances, where occasional dirt may be present (soft-sole shoes or normal footwear only) Impervious tile has water absorption of less than 0.5% for indoor or some outdoor use It is recommended to purchase a minimum overage of 10-15% to take account of cuts and patterns.

Orders ship out on an average of 1-2 Business Days of receiving payment Tracking number and details sent via email (so please leave a good email contact - one you access regularly, note and all these emails accounts will send tracking to spam folders and you will not receive tracking unless you check) Your order will ship out LTL Freight which is a palletized shipment it is safer than ground for larger shipments All Freight shipments are 'Curbside Side Delivery" A phone call will be made prior to delivery by the freight company to set up an appointment (so please leave a good contact number) Please visit our FAQ's at the bottom of our website for more information regarding the delivery process

Estimated Delivery Time: Southeast 1-2 Days Northeast 2-3 Days Midwest 2-3 Days Southwest 3 Days Northwest 4-5 Days Southwest 4-5 Days.

Click here to understand more about the minimum order policy.

*Minimum order does not apply to local pick-ups. The reason is to achieve weight for a safe freight shipment.

How do I Calculate what to order?

Take the number of Square Feet you need + 15% for waste. An example: I need 85 Sq.Ft. I add 15% waste (85 multiplied by 1.15 = 97.75 Square Feet Required (this now includes by 15% waste). I enter 98 (Ninety Eight) into the cart.

When my order arrives I will receive 88 Sheets as each sheet is 1.10 Square Feet in size.


(SAMPLE 3 PIECES) Dove Gray Arabesque Glazed Porcelain
(SAMPLE 3 PIECES) Dove Gray Arabesque Glazed Porcelain

Sample Price: $5.00