Return Policy

If we ship you the wrong product or do something wrong - we fix it. If you ordered Bianco Hexagon and received Basketweave we will pick up the Hexagon and ship you the Basketweave at no cost to you. We stand by our business. Like you we are consumers with families. We treat our customers as we would treat our own family, the nice ones :)

Quite simply treat others as you would like to be treated.....

I thought that was important to state before we now get into the return process if you made a mistake maybe you ordered the Basketweave but wanted Hexagon, or ordered honed and not polished or you ordered way to much - this is the process.....

Return shipments are a problem for all businesses. They are a cost of resources for both the returner and the company managing the return. The returned product has to be checked and then a refund processed. Most companies have to hire employees to manage this process. We do not want to do that. As it increases the cost of the product. So to avoid returns, we only accept returns of a min of 10SF, 10 pieces, 10 items. And they must be returned in the same boxes and wrapping intact. Essentially a return must come back in a position where you would be happy for it to ship out again to another customer (or ship out to yourself). So you cannot scratch it, leave grout on it as if we shipped this to you, you would not be happy. Again this is simply treat others as you would want to be treated.

What we cannot have is hundreds of customers all returning 5SF. This would be an accounting nightmare and a huge cost. Please keep the extra product, you may need it. It is like paint chips, if anything happens to the stone you will be the only one with the matching lot. In the entire WORLD. Keep it in the attic.

(Please, Please, do not return the only matching 20/SF of Carrara/Glass/Ceramic lot for your wonderful new bathroom or backsplash, etc. You saved a lot buying online. You have done well! In years to come something may go wrong. Plumbing, electrics and so on. The tile may have to be broken to access the area. Contractors will need to replace the tile. It is easier with the exact matching lot. That would be the 20/SF you held onto and did not returned because you planned ahead!). The value of the return is negligible. The value of having spare EXACT matching tile in storage is huge! With over a decade doing this we do get emails asking if we can exactly match tile purchased years ago. We cannot. Only get close.

No returns or exchanges after 30 days from the purchase date (there is some flexibility a few days late, no issue. Again just what is fair and reasonable).

Product returns must first be authorized by a customer service representative and a Return Authorization (RA) number must be provided.

Samples cannot be returned or refunded (they are just samples).

We recommend the simple purchase of a $5 sample to avoid any unnecessary returns.
Please order a sample of each item you intend to buy so you can check how the product shade and variation fits together. Please make sure the sample purchase is within 14 days of the product purchase or contact us to make sure the lot has not changed since the sample purchase. If a month passes you need to order another sample.

Products are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Ideally we would prefer to not charge a restocking fee at all so please be careful in the return shipping and return it in a condition you would want it shipped out to you if you were receiving it. If it is a product is returned quickly (10 days) then it is likely it will match the current lot. If the boxes are in perfect condition we can put into stock and re-sell then we have no reason to charge any restocking fee. It is just a common sense scenario. If you return 30 days later then your lot will have moved on, we will be stuck with a product that does not match our current items. We will reduce by 15% and sell off. So we do not profit by returns, in fact in most cases we will have to discount by 30% to sell it.
Items must be in the original packaging and original condition used items cannot be returned. For example it needs to be returned in the same condition you would want to receive it in. Not with grout all over the boxes and footprints on boxes (you would be amazed). We are a community and we are asking you to treat other potential customers as you would want to be treated. Again common sense.
Minimum ten square feet, ten sheets or ten pieces per item on all returns.
We have spent over a decade ensuring that we can offer our consumers the best possible price. Working out every cost and how we can remove and come to a reasonable compromise with our customers. PLEASE do not ask to ship back orders smaller than 10 (Ten) as explained. It is massively inefficient and many times a consumer needs that extra product, like paint. When we save the end of the paint can for some touch ups later in life, marble, glass and porcelain work the same way, they are unique to lots. Hang onto these small pieces any damage or future damage with plumbing or any issue you will need the matching lots. These few pieces will be the saving day. Put them somewhere safe.

Take a picture of how you have packed the return. Then the box when it is packed. Send it to us. If we receive a different colored box, then something happened and the product was probably destroyed and re-boxed by whomever you returned it with. Pictures are better than words. Your pictures plus our pictures. You will get to claim the shipping cost and the full cost you paid for the product. Cover yourself. Make your life easy.
Installed product cannot be retuned. Installation constitutes acceptance. Just as you cannot paint a room use up all the paint, then take the empty can back and say "I want my money back". Or eat the Steak and ask for the money back saying you did not like it and many more examples. Please be reasonable. Have some personal responsibility before our entire society just decays. As everyone wants it to be someone else's fault.

Returns are expensive for everyone. In order to keep our costs as low as possible and not pass on any unnecessary return expenses please order a sample of each item before you buy (we recommend at least 1SF or eight tiles per every 100SF), then we can avoid any returns and keep our prices as low as possible.

Ask for a picture before the order ships. Be involved. If you decide to cancel your order a few hours after ordering please respond to the confirmation email and title the subject on the email "Cancellation" we need an email/written request to cancel the order.

Returns must be made in original packaging, including the crate or pallet it came on.

The buyer is responsible for both inspection and acceptance of our materials prior to installation. The buyer is also responsible for determining whether this product is appropriate for a particular installation. Use of the tile constitutes full acceptance. No adjustments will be made after the product has been installed. Do a dry run, lay the product out before installing it. Do not leave the installer alone he will just install box to box and not look at it at all.

Click here If you are actually making a return please review our forms and process